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A determination to « DO »

From all our professions, from all our activities, if we had to retain one common point, one goal that drives us every day, it would be the desire to « DO ».

The ICM Group has many faces, men and women with strong convictions who pursue this desire, almost a dream – to work together and offer our customers services and products.

The company’s dream is a legacy from its founder Claude Marquet, who passed on a great deal to each and every one of us.

Through his boldness and optimism, he demonstrated that it was worthwhile to dare. This founding energy continues today, thanks to the employees of the ICM Group and across the generations.

Our group is organised around engineering, industry, real estate, commerce and services, as well as committed holdings.

This multidisciplinary organisation has been serving our customers with stability and expertise for almost 50 years. Our sole aim is to DO.

Groupe ICM

ICM is a family group founded in 1975 by Claude Marquet: a brilliant entrepreneur passionate and generous entrepreneur. Claude Marquet was from the Mayenne region of France and deeply rooted his group in these through his Mayenne roots.
The ICM Group is independent and is currently run by Charles-Edouard Marquet and Rodolphe Marquet.
The ICM Group is multi-disciplinary and spread over into 5 business divisions: an engineering division an industry division, a wellness division, a property development and investment investments and, lastly, the Terre et Saveurs.

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