GMB Invest, L’activité d’investissement du Groupe ICM

Claude Marquet liked to build trust, to put his success at the service of other activities and to invest in companies outside the ICM Group.

The ICM Group’s investment activity was born in 2000. It diversifies the ICM Group’s assets and broadens our horizons. It constitutes a sixth division alongside the first five, over which our group governance has control.

Our choice of investments is responsible and resolutely committed, over the long term, to industrial SMEs and players in the energy transition. Our preferred sectors are waste collection and treatment, waste-to-energy conversion and industrial engineering to accelerate the ecological transition of local areas.

Our portfolio comprises around twenty investment lines. In 2023, it has risen sharply, by almost 40% compared with 2022.

The Group has pursued this vision by investing more than €5 million in 2023.

Groupe ICM

ICM is a family group founded in 1975 by Claude Marquet: a brilliant entrepreneur passionate and generous entrepreneur. Claude Marquet was from the Mayenne region of France and deeply rooted his group in these through his Mayenne roots.
The ICM Group is independent and is currently run by Charles-Edouard Marquet and Rodolphe Marquet.
The ICM Group is multi-disciplinary and spread over into 5 business divisions: an engineering division an industry division, a wellness division, a property development and investment investments and, lastly, the Terre et Saveurs.

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