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Groupe ICM


ICM is an independent family group founded in 1975 by Claude Marquet. Claude Marquet, who trained as an accountant, was an entrepreneur by trade. He built the ICM group stone by stone. His first investment and success took shape in the electronic security market. He went on to explore a wide range of activities, from aquaculture to fitness, both in France and abroad. Today, the ICM Group is an international group run by his sons Charles-Edouard Marquet and Rodolphe Marquet.


Million euros in sales




years of entrepreneurial history

ICM Group: a multidisciplinary group

A multidisciplinary group

The ICM Group is multidisciplinary. It represents around €200 million of business, spread over 5 divisions. It brings together 1,400 committed and passionate people who proudly embody the values of the ICM Group: energy and responsibility, common sense and optimism.

Claude Marquet, An entrepreneurial soul

An entrepreneurial spirit

Claude Marquet, who died on 24 April 2023, was a committed, passionate and generous entrepreneur. He was convinced that entrepreneurship should be nourished by the values of the farming world, based on sincerity and hard work, values that were part and parcel of his childhood in the Mayenne region of France.

Today, this spirit represents the very identity of the Group and is perpetuated through the commitment and collaboration of every employee.

Groupe ICM

ICM is a family group founded in 1975 by Claude Marquet: a brilliant entrepreneur passionate and generous entrepreneur. Claude Marquet was from the Mayenne region of France and deeply rooted his group in these through his Mayenne roots.
The ICM Group is independent and is currently run by Charles-Edouard Marquet and Rodolphe Marquet.
The ICM Group is multi-disciplinary and spread over into 5 business divisions: an engineering division an industry division, a wellness division, a property development and investment investments and, lastly, the Terre et Saveurs.

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